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  • Vitovision developes and creates the design for Ferrari wheels for Formula 1

History and Highlights

Automotive Design since 1992 for trucks, cars and interior design

1992 The start

The founder of Vitovision studio - Mr. Vito Ianniello advanced his study of industry and transportation design in Pforzheim. The experiences learnt from various, extraordinary projects such as ideas for autonomous driving (Interior Design in pre-development division of Daimler-Benz) and a truck development for the tire manufacture Fulda (concept for a mobile theater stage) finally became the foundation of today’s Vitovision company.

Sketches for a Formula 1 car with an improved safety concept to better protect drivers in their car

1996 Innovations for motorsport

Two years after the fatal accident with Ayrton Senna, Mr. Ianniello decided to create new design concepts to improve the safety for drivers and their formula one car. The project is closely developed by a great cooperation with Fiat Centro Stile in Turino, assisted by Michael Schumacher at Ferrari. Finally this project has influence on the following motorsport regulations.

Industrial design for tester and meter from Beha

1997 Tester and meter

The producer of tester and meter BEHA shows the necessity of industrial design, even for very professional working products. These devices are able to find in the area of medicine and building business. Even for private customers, we created products which are available on DIY superstores and hardware stores. Until the US company FLUKE bought BEHA, many multimeter and current clamp projects are an important part in our business, even for the after market brand IRLANDMETER. Ergonomic, manufacturable and safety (VDE) requirements must be considered.

Wheel design for the wheel manufacturer BBS

1999 Founding as als GmbH & Co. KG

The cooperation with the wheel manufacturer BBS Schilltach allow us to work directly with OEMs as well as aftermarket companies. Our extensive experiences in motorsport technology, tooling and design create a space for new, innovative concepts and products.

Design and development for automative oem such as BMW motorcycles, Porsche headlights and Robert Bosch GmbH

2000 Cooperations with industrial and automotive OEM

Our growing team start to work more closely with the OEMs on many projects such as:
  • Implement visible structure and wheel design for motorcycles with BMW AG’s local design and engineering department
  • Designing headlights of 911/996 and Boxster/987 with Koyto and Porsche
  • Developing a new approach to implement 3D geometry into construction process for Robert Bosch GmbH in the field of home tools

Transfering the experiences with motorsport to the car tuning business

2001 Automotive Tuning

We start to provide research and design services to ABT, Brabus and other german companies by transfering our experiences with motorsport field into car tuning business.

Concept studies for interieur design and OEM

2002 Interieur & Devices

For Harman Becker, electronic device projects for the OEM and aftermarket and interior concept studies for Honda are an important part. Together with technical innovation companies, our experiences in the interior design and HMI is beyond grewing. Exclusive projects with a small series follow.

Beginning of design of kitchenware such as cutlery for WMF and others

2003 Kitchenware

With the german brand WMF, the industrial design business for cutlery, tableware and kitchen furniture enables also to get a better feeling about the varieties of private customers and different demands and markets. Further brands like Blanco, Böker and Liveon follow.

Hardtop for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Roadranger, Ullstein Concepts and pickup supplier

2004 Hardtop for OEM & Aftermarket

With the pickup supplier Dr Höhn, we extend our automotive knowledge into the hardtop and after market business. As a development partner and interface between design department, subcontractors and production, we start projects with the OEM brands Nissan and Mitsubishi. Convertible and economical solutions are needed, however, allow no compromise in design, functionality and technology. For the after market, projects with Roadranger and Ullstein Concpets follow.

Roof box design for Farad and Renault

2004 Accessories

Initially after some inconsistencies with the marketing department of Renault, we are commissioned by the Italian manufacturer of roof boxes Farad, to develop a satisfied solution for Renault. Subsequent intensive workshop with all involved, allows the desired and successful design result. Even after more than 10 years, this product is available on the market.

Concept for a passenger cell and chassis for Abt based on the motorsport design

2005 Izzarus

Recent successes on the 24h Nuerburgring race inspired Hans-Jürgen Abt to implement the slogen "FROM THE RACETRACK TO THE ROAD!", based on the Audi TT-R racecar and delegate us to develop a new concept car. Chassis and passenger cell must be taken over. A pleasant and difficult challenge for a team of transportation designers, engineers and modellers. The original vehicle is located, together with the technical package wall and the clay model in one room of our studio.

Walk into the media business by development of the design for mixer consoles for Lawo

2006 LAWO

With the manufacturer and developer of mixer console, we are allowed to walk into the world of interactive media business. Ergonomic, reliable and accurate processes. Especially on live broadcast, high standards on product design are natural, without the viewer or listener will notice something. The online research but also in practice on the ground, makes up a significant portion of these projects.

Development of the Audi R8 LMS race car with Abt Sportsline and quattro

2008 Audi R8 LMS

We worked with Audi motor sport and ABT on the development of their new race car. It was a huge honor, and the result we delivered was a big success. The Audi R8 LMS was reviewed as one of the best sport cars ever made, and today it still is the leader in its class.

Transportation Design for the zero-emission electric car called Lenz Car

2009 Electric vehicle concept "LENZ CAR"

With the support of the European commission, we have an opportunity to be a part of a zero-emission car project, and we nearly invent a new car independently. The concept contains many user-friendly, environment-friendly and economic innovations, which we believe will be realized and available soon in near future.

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