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  • You see a Ferrari wheel and a Forged BBS wheel which were created by Vitovision as well as different CAD design sketches for watches and vehicles and other possibilities of automotive design

Project Investment - Visions for visionaries

"What we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history.”
Warren Edward  Buffett

Real visions for still unknown solutions and potential markets, are useless without a strong and good working network by experts, visionaries and investors. The awareness of changes, probabilities and even to recognize chances for our future is reserved only for a few people.

During the years we produced innovative projects in different fields together with our network and still refines them. Unfortunately many times, decisions by some kind of investors, avoided to use valuable changes, as a short success took the main priority. Some years later we often hear "we had to take this chance..."

Therefore our offer here belongs to serious investors and visionaries, who does have an interest for middle and long term projects under lucrative and innovative aspects.
Of course we are not prophets and do not gives wrong promises. But all potential projects are able to be presented with rudimentary facts, numbers including a close process chain.
Naturally a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required.

Serious requests please send to

Industries / Branches

In general we are open for all lines of business. Even if there are no past project references, we are always curious and interested in new challenges. Often we can bring worth-while experience from other branches into a new project.

Usually our working fields include:

  • Automobile series, accessories and aftermarket

  • Industrial equipment and hand tools

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen furniture and home furniture
  • Luxury products (manufacture)
  • Garden tools and garden accessories
  • Office products
  • Office furniture
  • Consumer products


At the beginning is a personal dialogue to explore, identify and define fundamental desires and goals.

We offer you:

  • Free preliminary consultation

  • Binding first offer by request

Design briefing & Planing

It is important to define all following work steps clearly with a transparent, detailed and professional project plan. This will help prevent additional costs during the project process.

We offer you:

  • Entire project planning (responsibilities, timeline, milestones etc.)

  • Co-authoring of a design briefing


Professional market analysis and researches will help you develop a strategic and effective approach to the target market.

We offer you:

  • Market research, analysis of competitors and their products

  • Analysis of trends and evolution

  • Target group analysis and definition

  • Evaluation and possible strategies

  • Investigation of trends and latest development

Idea - Concept

Design is primarily a creative process. New ideas and concepts are the most important key to a successful product.

We offer you:

  • New ideas

  • Innovative concepts

2D - Design - Illustration - Image Processing

The quality of presentation is very important, to get a real impression of the design.

We offer you:

  • Sketches and drawings

  • Renderings and photorealistic visualisation

  • Photo retouching and photomontage

3D - CAD - Modelling - Visualisation

The CAD construction is part of the design development. We have a lot of experience in creating design surfaces as well as a professional eye of details and sense of scaling.

We offer you:

  • CAD design surface modelling

  • 3D photo rendering

  • Animation and video

Have a look on our references.

Challenging interior design for the automotive and transportation sector from Vitovision

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